Private Equity Sales

Most commercial real estate sales transactions are through private equity acquisition and disposition, whether it’s for the owner’s corporate use or for investment purposes. These transactions require the purchaser’s use of its own resources to take an equity stake in the acquisition or directly benefit from the disposition of commercial property. Although sometimes requiring creative financing arrangements, most private equity sales are completed through traditional buyer equity and third party lender support.

Much of private equity acquisition or disposition is managed by the buyer or seller. Engaging a professional commercial real estate agent to work on this process provides the client with a clearer path through the process to identify opportunities, and manage the financial and legal requirements for the successful completion of the real estate transaction.

The client’s trust in its real estate advisor to provide accurate market data, knowledge and complete understanding of the investigative and sales process and that transaction has the agent’s full attentive focus free from conflicts is paramount in the agent’s commitment to the client.

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